Wanda Wigglebits welcomes you to her guide for Building a School Web Site.

It's a learn-as-you-go, hands-on project that teachers and kids can do together.

Designed for beginners yet precise in its technical content, this guide is a great means for teachers, kids, and individuals to boogie their way across the digital divide -- and have a great time doing it.

If you can follow a recipe, you can build a Web site. And when you're done, you'll be on the Web not only as a surfer but as a CREATOR!

Web Site Table of Contents

 Getting Started - The first step.

Communication - What the Web is all about; how the Internet is the telephone company for computers.

Publishing: Power and Responsibility - Power and hazards of publishing; the Socratic dialog.

Five Easy Pieces - Simple, step-by-step directions for learning a little hyper text markup language (HTML), the language of the Web. Just like you teach kids arithmetic before you teach them how to use a calculator, Wanda shows you a little HTML before you learn how to use a Web Editor to create web pages.

Files - What web pages are
Words - How to format words
Pictures - How to draw pictures using a graphics program
Color - How to add color
Links - How to add pictures and links.

Using a Web Editor - How to use a Web editor to create web pages.

Getting Found - Search engines and what to do so people can find your site.

Squeezing It Through the Wire - About bandwidth, or why the Internet can be so slow.

Standards - The miracle of cooperation that makes the Internet work.

Animation - Making pictures move! Too cool.

Epilogue - Where Wanda wraps it up with the help of the Apollo 8 Astronauts.

To browse the site, just follow the arrow at the top of each page or the NEXT button at the bottom of each page. Also, if you want to jump around, the topics are listed at the bottom of each page like so:

Intro | Comm | Pub | Five Easy | Web Ed | Found | Squeezing | Standards | Animate | Epilogue

So click away and have a grand old time - no banners, no logins, no frames.

This site is Wanda's way of helping to nurture the joy of creation and a way to "give back to the Web" for all the fun it's given her. She hopes you enjoy the site and find it useful when building your own.

And no shilly-shallying about learning some HTML! It's not rocket science! You can do it, girlfriend. And you too, big guy! It's where the Web began and the foundation upon which its future is being built. And anyway, it's Cool. Wanda says, "Trust me, honey. When you put those first few lines of HTML in a file and then look at them in your browser, you'll feel like you can conquer the world!" Follow Wanda down the happy path to geekdom. If she can do it, so can you.

The lessons are the same whether you're building a site for a school, for a small business, or for yourself; anyone who wants to can join the fun of creating on the Web.

If you have any comments, please send them along! Wanda wants to hear from you and wants the site to be as good as it can be.


As ye fool around, so shall ye learn.

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