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I will bookmark this page. I liked it, it helped me as a beginner very much.

I loved this site! It's full of valuable information and presented in such a clear and a fun way. I'm sure I'll use this site many times.

Congratulations. Very good way to teach.

Someone passed along your URL to me and I have just visited your site for the first time. It seems to be an excellent primer for beginners and beyond - I plan to browse around and learn anything I can. I have linked your site to our school web site's WWW links.

:-)   Hiya Wanda thank you,thank you,thank you for the only web site I could find "how to build a web page".It was very clear and I understood the whole process.It`s cold and we are having a snow storm here in new brunswick ,Canada right now,and I`m stuck indoors with a broken leg.I wanted to build a web page but never knew how,well I know now!

This is one of the more useful web sites I have seen. Very, very good work. I'll pass along your site address for sure.

I am an A Level student in the UK, and for my project I must design a web site for a Primary (3-11) school - this site has been a valuable rescource!

:-)   Dear Wanda, I am a grandmother of 4 who decided to set up a web site for a business. I got many programs to do it with, but I didn't know how to get started. I found your site today and am copying each page so I can use them as I go. From what I've read already, I know I will be able to do it. Thank you so much for all the information on your web site. I was getting desperate.


i have sat up all night not able or willing to leave your site
i am now about to try my first web page

Let me open by saying that your web site is the best of it's kind on the web. I teach Technology Education at Frankford Middle School in Plano, Texas. I am currently working on a 10 day self-directed unit on web page design. The students will be teaching themselves HTML and the basics of web design by following a guide . . .

Hi Wanda,
What a site! I've been looking for a fun, easy, attractive site to use with teachers at a homepage workshop I'll be co-teaching in June.

ive just finished reading all of your information. i just wanted you to know that this info is very easy to understand and youve done a great job. alot of people i know are just now getting computers since ive bought mine (only about 6 months ago) and i will highly recomend them to this site. your info and time is a great offering to the world.

:-)   Thanks for this helpful site, you did a great job. Thank you for taking the time to build it, and for teaching the world for free. That's the way it should be.;)

This a good site for a beginner who wants to learn how to build a website, its concise and easy to follow

:-)   THIS IS A GREAT WEB SITE. I am only 10 years old and I get this hole
process. Without his I would've never made my new website.Anybody
who is 18 years old or younger should go on this.

When can I get a copy! Is it available yet? I'm teaching 8 teachers how to do web pages this summer and would like to get the book.

Wanda, Your tutorial was awesome ! It's going to help me teach web publishing to my middle school kids next year. Thanks !

I think your web site is great! I am a Special Ed. teacher in AZ and am going tohave my kids (7-8 grade) work with me on a web page as an incentive.

I really enjoyed the wigglebits site. It was an extremely
painless way to find out some of the basics of site
creation. I've fooled around with some of the other
programs that do it all for you. This makes it a lot clearer
and I look forward to going back with renewed faith and,
er, courage?

Hi! I want to thank you for telling me how to write a website using HTML.

For one of my assignments at work I was asked to create a personal web page. At first I was overwhelmed about where to even start. Your web site was great for getting me started. Your step-by step instructions helped me find my way through all the web gunk. Thanks a bunch!

Hey...I just wanted to thank you for putting up this site...
Its great..I had no idea about what i was trying to do...but now i am going in the right direction.....Thanx again.

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