How To Start

This is a little guide. I've left a lot out. But that was the point. There are hundreds of books on the Internet, all hundreds and hundreds of pages long. But I wanted to write a guide for beginners; people who want to create a web site but don't know where to start. Well, you can start here!

When you are done following the examples, you should know enough to build your own site. Then you will participate in the Web not only as a surfer but as an author and a creator!

You can use this guide no matter what kind of computer you have; the language of the Web (HTML) is spoken everywhere. I made the examples in the guide on my iMac but HTML works exactly the same on Windows. The graphics and animation program examples I use are also specific to the Mac but similar programs exist on Windows and you use them in just about the same way.

To get the most out of this guide, it will help to know a little about computers and the Internet. But if you've used a word processor and you've surfed the Web using a web browser like Netscape or Explorer, you already know all you need to know to proceed.

So what are you going to put out there? As you are planning the content of your web site, think about these things:

  • Goals - What exactly are you trying to communicate or accomplish? What outcome will make you feel that your site is a success?
  • Audience - With what exact groups of people are you trying to communicate?
  • Content - What types of material could your site provide that would both attract your audience and meet your goals?
  • Resources - How much time and money can you dedicate up front and over time to create and maintain your site?

Figure those things out, and you're ready to roll.


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